Disrupting the way Web3 rewards community

Entirely new model of generating tangible community rewards supported by Real World Assets.


Say good bye to "miles"... and hello to Lingo!

Lingo is a paradigm-changing attempt to fundamentally redefine the way people claim free vacations.
The old way
Spend tons of money in hotels for years.
Get “rewarded” with miles.
Enjoy once.
The Lingo way
Invest in Lingo once.
Get rewarded every month.
Enjoy for years.

Say Good Bye to "Ponzinomics"...
and Hello👋 to Lingo!

Paradigm-changing model to redefine the way Web3 generate community rewards.
The old way
❌ Rewards fuelled by dumping tokens.
❌ No real value supporting token ecosystems
❌ Lack of rewards and experiences in real life.
The Lingo way
✅ Sustainable ecosystem fuelled by RWA.
✅ Get rewarded with real-world rewards.
✅ Rewards ecosystem works no matter market condition

With Lingo, real estate support a community-driven compounding model that fuels the rewards program

Web3 easy as 1,2,3!

Whenever Lingo is traded, a 2.5% transaction fee is invested in RWA.
Real estate yields are used to buy back Lingos every month.
The Lingos purchased are airdropped to the community, which can then be redeemed for real world rewards!

Real Value. Real Rewards.

Guaranteed Rewards

You will receive rewards no matter the token price, or market conditions.

Real Rewards dAPP

Redeem your rewards in our dedicated Lingo Reward Store.

Exponential Growth

Every transaction contributes to a growing RWA portfolio, which results in more rewards that attracts new users.

More Rewards, More RWA, More Community, Repeat

The Lingo’s flywheel

Imagine an ever-growing empire of real estate properties generating value for one purpose only...

Rewarding the community
It’s the next step in evolution of how community Web3 projects could be engineered: aligning community with economic incentive and utility with value creation.